Rose and Gold Master Bedroom

rose and gold master bedroom


I got to thinking yesterday that while bright colors are always right up my alley, I’m really loving gold paired with just about any paler color these days. That’s right. Move over, chevron. Step aside, ombre. There’s a new sheriff in town. This simple metal color has rocked it’s way into my heart and I’m seeing a trend of monochrome metallics paired with pretty pastels sweeping Pinterest. Have you noticed?

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Fabulous Fabric Sale + Sewing Machine = THROW PILLOWS

We received a new quilt set for our bed and I’ve been really itching to get some throw pillows to compliment it, but haven’t seen the RIGHT ones yet. (I have a somewhat tropical idea of how our bedroom should be and I will not deviate from this image.) Well, on the way home from work last night, I stopped into a fabric store to find they were having a sale. (Lucky day!) So I putzed around until I found the perfect combination of fabrics for our bedroom… and then a little more for some other projects TBD.

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Wherever this is, I want to go there.

The weather today leaves much to be desired, so I’ve transported myself away… to this relaxing bedroom. Bear and I recently had a shower, as I mentioned before, and thanks to some of our very generous gift-givers, our bedroom is slowly becoming a little more of a haven. Eventually, the plan is to make it look something like this. A neutral gray quilt and creamy duvet have us almost there, but still need to update the furniture and get some throw pillows going. (I think I see a thrift shop day in my future.)
To decorate with shells or to not? That is the question. We don’t live anywhere near water, but I must say there is something fun about seeing shells, drift wood, or anything lake and beach related in a home. I’m seeing a lot of coral pieces popping up in stores lately, and that’s one idea I just love. (I’m a water sign. What can I say?)
Beach houses and condos have forever utilized pastels, which are most definitely not my thing. I like the use of these bright pops of color to turn up the volume on the “typical” beachy style. What do you think?
Wherever this is, I want to go there.

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