Currently Craving: Plaid.

Along with white chicken chili, as soon as the first chill is in the air I want to full-on drape myself in plaid a la George Costanza. I can’t help it. I compiled a list of things that I would love to add to my wardrobe and my house… and most of them are reallyyyyy affordable.

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Face Palm: Decorate with Palm Print

Face Palm… As in palms all up in yo’ face! This is my other obsession ever since I designed our little one’s nursery last year. Scratch that, ever since our honeymoon in Jamaica, mon! (Here’s a little tip, if you haven’t noticed this lovely print everywhere, you’re not paying attention. You will now. Right, dears?)

 Anyway, as you can see by the blog’s new background (likey?) I am loving palm print. The background btw is the fabulous Martinique wallpaper at the famed Beverly Hills Hotel.  If you’re brave enough to go full “face palm,” you can pick up this wallpaper at lots of places (like here). I’m still trying to convince Bear that we NEED this wallpaper in our lives… Or at the very least in the downstairs bathroom. TBD if he’ll finally cave in agree.


The cool thing about it is this: It goes with SO many other patterns. (Totally   surprising because it certainly isn’t neutral.) I really like it with stripes, which are my other obsession right now. Stripes, palms, and pineapples: OH MY!

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Bienvenue to Pineapples!

In designing our new house, I’m getting obsessed with pineapples! Mark my words, at least one pineapple will be present in our home. Did you know that pineapple’s are a symbol to say “Welcome?” Well, they are. Goose and Big D have a small pineapple bird bath/fountain at their house and I want to echo the sentiment at the new and improved House of Frost.

Pineapples, palm prints, and nautical stripes are my three favorite things right now, so stay tuned on how I work them into our non-coastal home. (It’s tricky, but it can be done without being cheesy. I promise.)

Here are some fun pieces to bring this cheery fruit to your home:

Pineapples! Bienvenue!

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Four Steps to Interior Perfection: Our Whimsical Nursery REVEAL

Now that our nursery is finally complete, I’m ready to share our tips or where to shop and what to look for if you’re in a similar “Baby on a Budget” mind-set. First of all, find your inspiration. (That’s the first step.) It becomes such a labor of love once you have an overall look you are going for. For example, I was dying to decorate something in our house with the general feel of the lobby of the resort where we went on our honeymoon. (I was gaga over it while we were there and wanted all of those wonderful colors and patterns incorporated into my every day life, and now. It really is.)

We went to Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica, which I highly recommend if you have not been. Here are a few shots of the open-air lobby that I took when we arrived.

interior inspiration interior inspiration interior inspiration for nursery


This is the first, but not the last, time I will use this wonderfully special place as inspiration. Once you’re inspired, make a mood board. (That’s step two!) I used Polyvore to make mine. Here it is:

interior inspiration mood board

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DIY mobile tutorial

DIY Mobile and Picture Gallery

And for my next trick, I will be making a DIY mobile! This one was really easy, but just took a little while, so patience and a tolerance for monotony is a must. Here’s what you will need:

  • an old lampshade you don’t mind destroying converting to something better
  • scrapbook paper
  • scrapbook paper cutter in shape of your choice
  • string
  • glue sticks

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