Ignorance is Bliss

I knowingly left the house with snot on my shirt this morning, so that’s kinda where I am in life. 

When you notice your clothes are dirty once your car is already running in the driveway, what other choice do you have?



Saturday Morning

This morning was different. My Sweet Pea slept late so I was able to shower. (Pretty luxurious!)

Then I discovered she spit up a little in her crib. Bummer. Instead of rushing downstairs to let the dogs out, I ran a bath for the poor dear. Bath time is fun. The sounds of laughter and splashing filled the upstairs of our home.

Bear woke up and helped. A change of sheets and a towel-dry later and our regular morning routine  began. I put away Pea’s laundry, and headed downstairs for breakfast.

After I took care of the dogs, Pea snacked on toast and bananas. (She doesn’t always have toast, but always bananas. Always.) she patiently ate and sang in her high chair while I put away dishes, made coffee (finally!) and tidied the kitchen.

When we came into the playroom I sipped my cinnamon coffee, soft daylight poured in through the blinds, and while she busied herself with rocking horses and books, I realized 500 Days of Summer was on. We listened (one of the greatest soundtracks I’ve ever heard) and read books about shapes and colors.

And just like that, the out-of-the-ordinary morning became yet another of our glorious, perfectly imperfect, run-of-the-mill Saturdays. Ah.

RocksBox is Perfect for a Mom On-The-Go

As you all know, I’m a new mom the mother of a toddler (can’t claim the new mom excuse anymore!) Life is chaotic. Gone are the days when I used to spend 598,462,345 hours picking the perfect outfit to totally nail the “Stars: They’re just like us” look of a celebrity running errands in a magazine.


Mornings at my house

Now, life looks a little more like a scene from Hunger Games in the morning: Shower — if I’m lucky. Get dressed. Does this go together? (Doesn’t matter. If it’s not covered in food/dog hair/milk/snot, it’s fine.) Brush my teeth. Feed the dogs. What’s the weather going to be today? Get the kid dressed. Feed the kid. Clean the spots on the floor where she politely threw her cup to let me know she “just can’t” with milk today. Make coffee. Wait – Did I brush my teeth? Where are my go-to comfortable boots? Let the dogs out. Where. Is. The. F-ing. Coffee. Get myself, the kiddo, my purse, her bag, my lunch, her lunch, and my gym bag (Ha, It’s important to dream big, folks) in the car. Ok… Where are my keys?

I think you get the point.



Rocksbox to the style rescue!

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Big News: I’m a Savvy Sassy Scout!

If you keep up with House of Frost on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (and you should) you may have seen a soopah cute tote and mug yesterday. Let me fill you guys in on what is happening over here at House of Frost. I received that awesome swag (courtesy of Small Glow) from Savvy Sassy Moms for joining their Product Scout Group.

Savvy Sassy Scouts Bag and Mug

Cool. What does that mean? Simply put… It means that sometimes they will send me stuff (yay!!!) and I’ll review it and post about it either here, on House of Frost, or on their site. You will know when I’m reviewing a product, so don’t worry.

I’m really excited about this! You should be too. The Savvy Sassy Moms brand is all about great products that make life a little easier (and who doesn’t need that?!?!) and a lot more stylish (yes, please).

Go over and check out the Savvy Sassy Moms site as well as Small Glow’s Instagram!

Be sure to keep up with HOUSE of FROST on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Getting Ready in 10 Minutes

If you see me on a regular basis during the week, you are probably acutely aware that I haven’t been wearing make up… Or doing my hair. If you don’t see me daily, you could probably guess by reading my cliched “new mom” posts (Like this, and this) that I have proverbial bigger fish to fry than messing with my physical appearance.

Well, today’s a new day! I’m officially shedding my elastic pants and bags under my eyes and emerging a glorious fresh-faced butterfly will now pass as presentable regularly!

“But why?” Because after our beach vacation last week I was reminded that you can look naturally beautiful and fresh in under 10 minutes, friends. (And for very little moolah!) Here’s what you need.

supplies to get ready quickly

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