Oh, hello there.

Thanks for stopping by House of Frost. This is my own personal slice of internet heaven that you are welcome to play in. Feel free to stay a while and check out how I juggle family, fashion, food, and furnishing… with a little sparkle.

How did House of Frost start?

Once I moved from my second-floor walk-up in the coolest part of the city to a home in the ‘burbs with my then-fiance, who I call Bear, I was itching for a creative outlet. Picking out what to wear to my 9-5 has always been the most fun part of my day, so when it was suggested by a coworker that maybe I should write about my personal style, it all just clicked. A few words of encouragement from friends and family and voila: House of Frost was created!

Now what?

Please join me as I try to stylishly fumble my way through life as a working mom, wife, homemaker, and blogger. I’ve taken up permanent residence at the corner of Frazzled and Fabulous.

What can you expect?

You’ll find lots of fashion and style tips (personal style outranks fashion IMHO) on how to really make your closet work for you. I’m also a snobby foodie and since Bear is more of a buffalo wings and fries kind of guy, I will share a lot of our “kitchen compromise” meals, as well as home decor ideas and DIY projects.

Now that there are three of us at home, I’ll be adding some family-related posts along with my usual stuff… like how to make dinner with a baby on your hip, (1- Pick up phone, 2- Call for takeout), or my thoughts on how to look “put together” while still maintaining comfort (#mombun and ballet flats), or how to try to stay healthy as a family. Get the picture? If you don’t, feel free to ask:

Thanks again for stopping by!



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