Fostering Imagination: Sidewalk Chalk

My daughter has a very active imagination. It’s one of my favorite things about her. We pretend to be different animals. We play house. We pretend to be princesses. We even pretend to be witches that turn each other into frogs… But I knew she had a unique point of view when she wanted to pretend to be a Bergen instead of a troll because the Bergen Chef gets to carry that “super cool purse.” (read: fanny pack.)

With that imagination comes the desire to create, but here’s the thing: her little three-year-old hands can’t quite articulate the masterpieces she envisions. That is where I come in!

She often asks me to draw things for her and when I do she just plays independently until I’m done and that’s no fun. (Then I’m basically just some lady defacing my own driveway.) So we compromise, which is more fun for both of us and it helps her learn. She decided we would draw a monster. (No interest in cats, dogs, pigs, or ponies today.) Once that was decided, I asked her the color, shape, and size of each feature complete with a little quiz about our colors in Spanish, which they’ve been working on in preschool.

  • What color is his head? Pink!
  • How do you say pink in Spanish? Rosa!
  • What shape is the head? Triangle!
  • What shape is the nose? Rectangle!
  • What color teeth? Green!
  • How do you say green in Spanish? Verde!
  • How many fingers on each hand? Four!
  • Is he happy or sad? He’s mad!
  • Straight hair or curly? Straight!

You get the picture. It helped her practice her colors and shapes, and let us exercise our imaginations together! How do you do imaginative play WITH your kiddos?


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