What socks are best for baby?

Well, it’s happened. I have a one year old. 740586764 people told me to enjoy it because it would go fast when we first brought her home. To the surprise of no one, they were all right.

house of frost socks for baby trumpette

She’s reached the stage where she wants to be independent and do things on her own. (Girl after my own heart.) She wants to feed herself, however unsuccessfully, with a spoon. She wants to brush her teeth herself. (Sorry, kid. Mom’s gotta step in to assist there.) And just to grease the wheels and prepare myself for what’s to come, I’m letting her pick out some of her own clothes.

In the stores, if she screams with excitement when I hold up pants or something for her, I will usually buy it. (Call it an mother-daughter bonding over shopping, fashion, and style.) In the mornings, I lift her into her closet to grab a shirt she wants to wear that day and then we model her outfit around her choice. (If it’s weather appropriate.)

Then, I’ll place the box with all her socks  in front of her on the floor. Without fail, every time, she goes for the Trumpette’s. Literally every time. (I think it’s the bows.) The good thing is: they come in so many colors there’s always one that will work with whatever outfit we’re stringing together.

house of frost socks for toddler

And, with the Trumpette label on the bottom, they have great traction for her cruising (and walking soon)! You can’t beat functional and stylish. And, hey, if the shoe sock fits, buy one in ever color, of course!

house of frost trumpette socks




While this is a sponsored post for Trumpette, opinions + views are my own. Thank you for helping support the brands we love here at HOUSE of FROST.


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