Housewarming Gifts

Back in March, we closed on our first house… The Official “House of Frost,”if you will. (Even if you won’t, I don’t care.) I have been up to my elbows in working, writing, babies, family, vacations, birthdays, unpacking, purging clothes and knick-knacks, organizing drawers, changing out baby clothes sizes, and the like… Just life, really. In the wake of all of that, the poor houses (both literal and the blog) have taken a back seat. Now that we have a couple of weekends with fairly minimal plans, and the house has been painted, we’ve finally gotten around to hanging things on the walls! It’s really nice to see our house become more of a home and less like a boring, beige staging area.

We got so excited about all our work that we are thinking of doing a small housewarming. (We’ll see if we can find the time.) So, in the vein of warming homes, I’d like to play a little good idea/bad idea on housewarming gifts.

Home Décor/Personalized Wall Art

Grade: Meh…

Why: You can never be 100% sure that the recipient will love that cross-stitched “home sweet home” pillow as much as you do. It might end up in a box, sweet box, in the back of the attic. Keep that in mind when giving anything that’s purpose is to be displayed.



Grade: Solid!

Why: Wine is a good gift and will always get used. If it’s not opened immediately, rest assured that it will be eventually. The recipient will definitely have “one of those days,” and what will be waiting for them when they come home from work after picking up the kids late and changing a flat tire? Your bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Cheers to you, because you are a good friend. You can come to our housewarming party, for sure.



Grade: Sure.

Why: Candles work in theory because they warm a home, smell nice, and can look great. Just be mindful of the scent. Make sure you know the types of smells your friends are into. Citrus? Floral? Clean? Musky? It matters. So make sure you “smell what your friend is cookin'” before you make their house look like a cathedral.



Grade: Sure +

Why: Artisanal soaps are a more unique gift than candles, and are also a little safer because the smell isn’t “ever present” like it is with a candle. And bonus points! Like the wine, soap will always get used because guest bathrooms.



Grade: Wonderful!

Why: I love this idea, first of all. I realize that not everyone is a green thumb and that unfortunately includes yours truly. (What’s the horticultural equivalent of two left feet? Two left green thumbs? I don’t know, but whatever it is: It’s me.) Not to worry, there are plants for every type of gardener. Small patio tomato plants? A fragrant Gardenia bush? Daisies? There are SO many options. Just be sure that your option suits your recipient. If they’re not into landscaping, make sure your plant is already potted. If they love cooking, pick up a spice to use in their dishes. If they’re forgetful, go with a succulent that needs very little attention. There’s something for everyone!


Personlized Package

Grade: Correct.

Why: This is the Grand Poobah of housewarming gifts. I recently wrote about “The Mother Load,” a shower gift for a new mom. This is the same idea. Put together a care package of things homeowners need with well-wishes attached to each one.  My parents moved when I was in college and a friend of theirs gave them the coolest/sweetest housewarming gift and I now give the same gift to all of my friends that have “housewarming” parties. Want to hear about the package? Stay tuned. I’ll post it later this week!


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