Getting Ready in 10 Minutes

If you see me on a regular basis during the week, you are probably acutely aware that I haven’t been wearing make up… Or doing my hair. If you don’t see me daily, you could probably guess by reading my cliched “new mom” posts (Like this, and this) that I have proverbial bigger fish to fry than messing with my physical appearance.

Well, today’s a new day! I’m officially shedding my elastic pants and bags under my eyes and emerging a glorious fresh-faced butterfly will now pass as presentable regularly!

“But why?” Because after our beach vacation last week I was reminded that you can look naturally beautiful and fresh in under 10 minutes, friends. (And for very little moolah!) Here’s what you need.

supplies to get ready quickly

The best thing about this regimen is that it’s really perfect for summer. You know those people that go to the beach/lake/pool/what-have-you in full make-up? Yeah, everyone knows at least one of these weirdos. Hey, I get it. Going without make up can be really scary unless you’re one of the lucky few people with a perfectly even complexion. I usually just hide behind some big-ass sunnies and a hat, myself. No judgment here. Well with these 9 items, we can all look fresh-faced and lovely… without looking “overdone.”

Most of this stuff is self-explanatory, but if you need a little guidance I will save the snark, just this once, and explain:

  1. After your shower, let your hair air dry or use a diffuser. While it’s drying, apply moisturizer of your choosing. (I use Aveeno’s Positively Radiant.)  Then apply the Origins CC Cream as you would a foundation. No need for a sponge or brush. Just rub it on with your hands.
  2. Next, apply a the Cover Girl BB Cream under your eyes. I use a very light shade so it brightens your face and lightly covers bags.
  3. Curl. Your. Lashes. It makes the BIGGEST difference.
  4. Apply mascara. I love, love, love L’Oreal’s Double Extend Mascara for two reasons: A) It thickens and lengthens in a major way. When I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, her make-up artist raved over my lashes. She said they looked as amazing and real as the eyelash extensions she was putting on the bride. (And they totally did!) and B) Beacause of the beauty tube technology, it doesn’t smudge or flake. Like, at all. And when you wash your face, it washes off by just the brush of a finger. (This is what makes them so great for water activities! Once they’re wet, you just lightly pinch your eyelashes and the mascara comes right off without it running down your face.)
  5. Do a sweep of eyeliner over your top lash line and half-sweep on the bottom in a color that is complimentary to your eye color. I have brown eyes, so I am wearing an olive green eyeliner today, for example. The color isn’t bright and the liner isn’t thick, so it’s natural-looking and simply enhances the eyes.
  6. Apply your lip balm of choice. I like Baby Lips. It leaves your lips soft and the subtle color is perfect for a fresh-faced look!
  7. Apply bronzer and blush for an all-over glow. I like to do a little light contouring. (Bronzer goes from your hairline, down your temple, and under your cheekbones in a “C” shape.) Then apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks.
  8. Now shake and spray the John Frieda Sea Waves Spray on your hair generously.  You can continue to dry with a diffuser or just scrunch and go. (I scrunch.) The great thing about it is once your hair is dry, you can always add more as the day goes on to keep the perfectly tousled look!

Do you have a go-to morning routine for those on-the-go days? Let’s hear it!


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