Face Palm: Decorate with Palm Print

Face Palm… As in palms all up in yo’ face! This is my other obsession ever since I designed our little one’s nursery last year. Scratch that, ever since our honeymoon in Jamaica, mon! (Here’s a little tip, if you haven’t noticed this lovely print everywhere, you’re not paying attention. You will now. Right, dears?)

 Anyway, as you can see by the blog’s new background (likey?) I am loving palm print. The background btw is the fabulous Martinique wallpaper at the famed Beverly Hills Hotel.  If you’re brave enough to go full “face palm,” you can pick up this wallpaper at lots of places (like here). I’m still trying to convince Bear that we NEED this wallpaper in our lives… Or at the very least in the downstairs bathroom. TBD if he’ll finally cave in agree.


The cool thing about it is this: It goes with SO many other patterns. (Totally   surprising because it certainly isn’t neutral.) I really like it with stripes, which are my other obsession right now. Stripes, palms, and pineapples: OH MY!

Shop the Post:

Outdoor palm

Outdoor toss pillow

Outdoor palm

Framed painting

Ocean throw pillow
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