Sunburst Dress & Booties

You guys, I have good news! I can kinda fit into some a few of my pre-pregnancy clothes now! That means OOTD’s are back, baby! I don’t look 100% like my old self in them (nor will I ever again, probably) but that is a good thing, because my “new self” will be 564870351297 times better than my old one anyway. Either way, I am super proud of how far I’m come and super psyched to finally feel like “Yes, I’ll be in heels today. Look out world.” #stomp Never mind that my hair was up in a bun because I didn’t wash it, right? Carpe diem… Errr- Carpe di Closet.

ootd maxazria sunburst dress

In honor of the four-year anniversary of our first date today, this OOTD happens to be the same dress I wore four years ago, today. Can you believe that? FOUR YEARS. It definitely doesn’t feel like four years. As Bear would say “Time flies because we’ve done serious shit for the last four years,” and he’s not that far off. 2011: First Date, 2012: Engaged, 2013: Married, 2014: Pregnant/Baby, 2015: House… We are just ripping this adult stuff off like a band-aid.

Anyway, cheers to the dress that started it all!

ootd bcbg maxaria






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