It’s a Wrap!

OK… Just a quick holiday post. I did my first batch of Christmas gift shopping today and wanted to share some things. First, I love wrapping gifts like vintage mail. (Read: with plain brown paper.) I think it’s simultaneously retro and modern…. If that’s even possible.) It’s the only paper I use. (Remember this post from last year?)

how to wrap  presents

This year, I’m doing the same thing, except instead of fancy hemp ribbons, I’m using plane white twine and I’ve placed sprigs of my parents’ Fraser Fir into each one. The tags are clippings from various greeting cards and calendars. Super inexpensive and everyone is about to ditch their calendars anyway, right? Genius.


Well, here’s an even better tip. I was unloading some presents at my parents’ house to wrap there today for a visit and Big D mentioned that I needn’t buy wrapping paper because you can get huge rolls in bulk for veryyyyyy cheap (he was very emphatic) at your local office supply store. NOTED. I will most definitely check that out because this is truly the only paper I use since I discovered it a few years ago.


So there you have it. A chic, easy, and inexpensive way to wrap presents without spending a mint on fancy ribbons. You’re welcome and happy holidays to you and yours from House of Frost. (Posts to resume in January!)

how to wrap  presents


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