Four Steps to Interior Perfection: Our Whimsical Nursery REVEAL

Now that our nursery is finally complete, I’m ready to share our tips or where to shop and what to look for if you’re in a similar “Baby on a Budget” mind-set. First of all, find your inspiration. (That’s the first step.) It becomes such a labor of love once you have an overall look you are going for. For example, I was dying to decorate something in our house with the general feel of the lobby of the resort where we went on our honeymoon. (I was gaga over it while we were there and wanted all of those wonderful colors and patterns incorporated into my every day life, and now. It really is.)

We went to Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica, which I highly recommend if you have not been. Here are a few shots of the open-air lobby that I took when we arrived.

interior inspiration interior inspiration interior inspiration for nursery


This is the first, but not the last, time I will use this wonderfully special place as inspiration. Once you’re inspired, make a mood board. (That’s step two!) I used Polyvore to make mine. Here it is:

interior inspiration mood board

The key is not to think of the mood board too rigidly. It’s just a fluid, general idea of the feel and vibe you want. Creating it will give you a chance to make sure all the colors and patterns you think go together, actually work in a cohesive manner to compliment each other and create your perfect space. For example, while all the colors and patterns in my mood board are present in our nursery, it turned out a little less sophisticated and a little more whimsical. I quickly realized a room for a little girl needn’t be so extremely polished. It should be fun, magical, and playful.(Enter the children’s illustrations gallery wall, coat rack, and mobile in place of the chandelier.)


When your vibe and mood board are committed to memory, you’ll be able to use a frugal eye (That’s right, step three!) to find the pieces you need. The must have pieces for us were as follows:

  • dresser
  • rocker/glider
  • side table
  • crib
  • changing table
  • throw blanket

All we had to do was shop around until we found pieces that would work with our room and our budget. Just remember to shop smart, not hard! (That saying works here, right?) Don’t just buy the first thing you see. Learn about the styles you are looking for and then you’ll be able to ask around, in stores or online, for what you want a bargain price! Our nursery essentials list is below with items that are a splurge versus the items that are a major save. (I don’t think I need to tell you, that we opted for all of the “save” options.) Check them out:




Sleigh Crib, Land of Nod, $799 vs. Parkside Sleigh Crib, Target, $129.99

image via

image via


image via

image via




Luca Glider, Land of Nod, $1095 vs. Little Castle Swivel Glider, Target, $449.99

image via

image via


image via

image via




Angel Line Flat Sleigh Changing Table, Sears, $139.99 vs. Consignment, $60 ($50 changing table, $10 paint and primer)

image via

image via


painted changing table




Kelly Green Campaign Dresser, Land of Nod, $699 vs. Refinished Our Own Brown Dresser, $20 ($15 hardware, $5 paint, post on that later)

image via

image via


campaign dresser




Vince Accent Stool, Pottery Barn, $299 vs.Urban Trends Garden Stool, Wayfair, $90

image via

image via


image via

image via




Aqua Pom Pom Throw Blanket, Land of Nod, $39 vs. Room Essentials Twin Throw, Target, $16

image via

image via


room essentials via target



When you have the basic “meat” of your space down, you just need to add some special finishing touches, like our funky ottoman and giant peony pictured above! (Yup, step four is the details.)

So remember, when designing/creating a new space in your home, you can’t go wrong with these three steps:

1. Inspiration

2. Mood Board

3. Price Compare

4. Finishing Touches

interior design tips

Good luck with your designs! I’d love to hear what rooms in your home you are working on. Feel free to send pics!



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