DIY Animal Rack for Nursery

Now that I’m at the pregnancy halfway point, I’m thrilled to tell you that the burst of energy in this second trimester has allowed me to finally finish all of the projects that I started the moment we found out we were expecting! (Seriously, there were, like, five projects all in fluxe at the same time and it was driving me crazy the way they were inching along.) After a very productive weekend, they are all complete. Repeat: All of the projects I have been working on instead of blogging are now complete, which means, if creating a nursery is your bag, you’re in for a real treat because I’m about to fill the interwebs with my successful projects. Let’s get started with this adorable animal rack.

To make this whimsical and modern rack for your nursery, here’s what you’ll need:

  • plastic animals (I got mine at Kroger for $0.99 each in a seasonal special bin, but Michael’s also has them year round. Remember: It doesn’t have to be safari animals. You could do a dinosaur theme, sea creatures, trains, whatever!)
  • a wood panel
  • super glue (I like Loctite)
  • hanging kit (Mine is from Michael’s. It’s just two little circular hooks and wire.)
  • paint, for the animals and for the wood panel

First, figure out how many animals you need to fit on your wood panel and once you have the magic number, you cut your animals in half. I thought this would require a saw, but a chef’s knife will work too if you don’t want to break out the big guns.

bear and hunny animal coat rack tutorial for nursery     bear and hunny animal rack for nursery


Next paint your animals and the panel. I chose to paint my animals a bright fuschia and the panel a nice white.

bear and hunny nursery coat rack diy     bear and hunny animal rack      diy animal coat rack for nursery


Now you’ll want to attach the hanger on the back. It’s easier to attach without the animals already on the panel. I screwed in two circular hooks and then wound a wire through them both. Then I wound the wire back and forth and around itself for extra support. (I probably over did it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.)

photo 6      photo 7


Now, it’s the fun part: attaching the animals to the panel! I lined them up first and made little markings with pencil so you make sure they’re evenly lined up. Then you place a dot of the Loctite to on the top, bottom and side of the part you cut. Once the animals are stuck in place, you can then add a little more glue around the entire animal where it touches the panel.

bear and hunny diy animal coat rack for nursery      bear and hunny diy animal coat rack for nursery


Allow a little time to dry and it’s ready to hang! TADA!!!

bear and hunny animal coat rack diy tutorial

bear and hunny animal coat rack diy tutorial

bear and hunny animal coat rack diy tutorial


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