Second Trimester

2nd trimester


Back again for some more updates… If you can’t tell by the symbolic rainbow in my title this month, allow me to spell it out for you:

S O    M U C H   B E T T E R


I found this funny picture of me from a vacation to Tybee Island last year as a pretty accurate depiction of how I WAS feeling before:

pregnancy blues


But NOW… Man, it’s a different story!

They weren’t lying about the second trimester being the best. Overnight last week, I could feel my mood sway dramatically into incredibly alert happiness. No longer am I falling asleep at 8:00pm. Now, when I come home I go right to work on what is to be our future nursery. Last week I was a productive, nesting machine:

  1. I cleaned out Baby’s future closet. (He or she will need that space, if they’re anything like Mommy.)
  2. I randomly remembered some wedding thank-you’s that were never sent, and mailed those out. (Pretty impressive considering my spreadsheet of gifts and addresses was completely lost when my computer crashed.)
  3. I successfully transformed our office into our office/guest bedroom combo. (At least… I got it started. There’s still a lot of work to be done!)
  4. I visited 1 day care and made appointments at 2 others, one of which I’ll see today. (Yay!)
  5. I grocery shopped, which I had not done in a while because I was being a lazy grouch.
  6. I emailed with some out-of-town girlfriends and got all caught up. (This was long over due.)
  7. I did laundry and some house cleaning.
  8. I planted a veggie and herb garden. (We had a little cold pop though, so I think my tomatoes are done-zo, but the herbs are still kickin!)
  9. I read a few chapters in my latest Mom-prep stack of books: Baby Wise. This one promises a sleep-through-the-night baby at no more than a month. (Psh. We’ll see.)
  10. I did a lot of maternity shopping with Goose and finally had a little luck! Finally. I mean, this was really needed and majorly boosted my confidence.
  11. I am ready to present my first Maternity Outfit of the Day. (We’ll call these, MOODs.)


Speaking of MOODS, mine has just vastly improved. With this jolt of new energy, I find myself motivated to do things, whatever they may be. That, in turn, is leaving me feeling accomplished and proud and like I can do anything. Soon, like within the week, we’ll know if we’re having a boy or a girl, and that will just leave me feeling even more connected to this little baby. So, here we go, my first MOOD:

maternity ootd


Linen Jacket: Mine, TJ Maxx

Trapeze Dress: Xhiliration, Target

Bubble Necklace: Gift, c/o Queenie

Sandals: Mossimo Audrey Sandals, Target

Platforms: MIA, Nordstrom

Rose gold Watch: Cherry Bomb, ATL




I did change from the platforms to flats after work because this was the day that I had an appointment at a day care/preschool and I wanted to be able to walk through it comfortably and preferably without falling onto someone else’s toddler. (Yikes!)

maternity ootd   MIA wedge platforms



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