Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

As requested and promised, I’m back with the OOTD posts! Yesterday, I had a few meetings scheduled with sponsors and then a Junior Service League meeting that night, and I really liked what I wore.

leggings tunic heels and jacket

White Embroidered Tunic: Monoreno, Casabella in Marietta, $25

Lace Tank (Underneath): Banana Republic, $20

Leggings: H&M, $10

Wedge platforms: ASH, thrifted, c/o Goose

Military jacket: Mine, TJ Maxx, $12

Bag: Falor, TJ Maxx,  c/o Goose

Watch: Gucci, c/o Goose

Bracelet: Pandora, c/o Bear

Dainty Knuckle Ring: No clue… I think it was supposed to be a toe ring. Gross. (I just tightened the back!)

Spoon ring: Mountain Park Craft Festival, $25

Princess Knuckle Ring: Antique, c/o Goose

Armor Necklace:  fab’rik, $25


leather tote

arm party spoon ring knuckle rings










Here’s why this works: The jacket, tote, necklace, and shoes are tough and military inspired, but the embroidered tank, dainty jewelry, and loose waves are super boho (my favorite style). I think the combo is surprising and gives the look a little twist.


One thought on “Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

  1. Nichole Darden says:

    You looked great! I was admiring your jacket myself; It reminds me of one in our collection this spring! I too am in love with the military meets boho! I always just call it “masculine meets feminine, bu you make it sound so much more chic! 🙂

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