Rose and Gold Master Bedroom

rose and gold master bedroom


I got to thinking yesterday that while bright colors are always right up my alley, I’m really loving gold paired with just about any paler color these days. That’s right. Move over, chevron. Step aside, ombre. There’s a new sheriff in town. This simple metal color has rocked it’s way into my heart and I’m seeing a trend of monochrome metallics paired with pretty pastels sweeping Pinterest. Have you noticed?

Once a trend of any kind gets big, I tend to steer clear and try to find the next one. (More on this in later posts.) For today, let’s dish about rose and gold. I wanted to design a room based on this trend but wanted to really push myself, so I chose pink rather than my preferred aqua. You see, I’m not really a “pink” girl. I thought that it would be challenging to design with a color that, for the most part, makes my eyes roll faster than that Indiana Jones boulder.



This is what I cam up with. I paired these fabulous apothecary dressers from Target (that Bear and I actually have and l-o-v-e) with the kind of canopy bed that I dream about. (So pretty and romantic!)

rose and gold master bedroom

Then I started adding in the hard parts, metallic lamps, end table, and this fabulous zebra rug. I love a faux animal hide rug. Seriously. In almost every print, I am drawn to them. This one, however, is that I’m currently coveting…. because. it’s. gold. It’s very modern and brings an eclectic feel to an otherwise ethereal and romantic room. (And we already know I like mixing styles!)


I’m thinking of trying something like this in a guest bedroom… Because I don’t think Big Ol’ Bear will love the idea of a pink master suite, no matter how much of a triumph it was for me.


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