The Bow Scarf

Ok, I would promise you this will be the last scarf tutorial, but let’s be honest, home girl loves her scarves, so I don’t see them stopping any time soon. #sorrynotsorry


This one is the easiest yet. Simply loop the scarf around your neck. Then take one end of it and roll it upwards into a loose large circle. Continue to loop it a few times so that you have a few layers of circle. (Like when you’re putting away a long extension cord.)

Holding the loop in place so it doesn’t unravel, take the other end and wrap it around the middle of the circles. It should be beginning to take the shape of a bow. Situate the bow where you would like it and then just continue looping the other end around it until you have it just as you like it. Tada!

how to tie a bow scarf


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