Another Scarf Post

A little insight into blogging for all you non-blogging folks out there. We are always keeping a watchful eye on the posts that seem to get the most hits and, like all good narcissists, we like to draw as much attention to ourselves as possible. (In the blog world, we call that driving traffic and it’s totally legit.) So, in the interest of narcissism, here’s another tutorial on how to tie a scarf.

How to tie a scarf

I recently discovered this on Pinterest and feel I have finally perfected it enough to share. So, settle in, and let’s do this!

Disclaimer: This works best with a pashmina with fringe on the ends. All of this should be tied very loosely so it maintains its volume.

1. Fold the scarf in half at the middle so both fringe ends are at one side. Have one of the fringes longer than the other.

2. Place scarf around your neck, keeping both fringe sides together, and leaving a loop at the other side.

3. Take the longer fringe side and pull it through the bottom of the loop on the other side and back to it’s fringey counterpart. Once it’s there tie it with the shorter fringe. (Like the first part of tying your shoes).

4. Now, you want it to be loose and full. So fluff up the area around your neck and all of the ties you have just created so they are full. You don’t want any gaps.

5. Take the shorter fringe (which by now should honestly be the shorter fringe) and pull it through the original loop. Don’t pull it all the way through. (Just pull a portion of the fringe through and leave a portion dangling.)

6. Give one more fluff everywhere and that’s it!

I realize that this may sound tricky, but it’s actually not. Let me know how it goes!


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