A Few of My Favorite Things

If you weren’t already aware, when you get married you accumulate a massive amount of stuff. Literal, space-consuming, never-knew-how-much-I-always-needed-that items. It’s great. Seriously, it’s the greatest thing ever. But… Here’s the thing: All this stuff actually needs to go somewhere. Who knew?!?!?


We have finally put everything away. And by “away” I mean there is shit everywhere. Unopened-boxes-of-fine-china-stacked-to-the-ceiling-in-the-broom-closet everywhere. That is beside the point, however, because it’s nice that everything is no longer on the floor. We will soon have a hutch and the china and wine glasses will have a forever home once said hutch is obtained.


All that said, there are a few things, some wedding related and some not, that I have fallen in love with and use often. So here’s a list of 6 must-have items that I am loving for 2014.

1. Citrus Zinger water bottle

This was actually a Christmas gift and I’m really loving it. It has a built in infuser, so you can carry it with you all day and still have delicious infused water throughout the entire 9 to 5 grind. This is super great for me because I gave myself a break on general health for a month after the wedding, which turned into four month pig out. Now I’m getting myself “back on track” in January like the rest of the world.

But what does infused water have to do with health? Well, I’ve been reading up on this and apparently you can infuse your water with various fruits and herbs to boost metabolism. Super! Every little bit helps, right?

image via zinganything.com

image via zinganything.com

2. Chalkboard Decals

We were using a puke-green dry erase board to leave notes to each other in the mornings, put groceries on, and keep track of bills. Works right? Sure. But it was ugly. Now we are using this fabulous chalkboard decal that sticks to any surface without damaging it (awesome sauce!) and it’s cute and on trend and goes with any room…. unlike the hideous booger-colored dry erase board.

It came from Leen the Graphics Queen. She has an Etsy store “chalk-full” of great stuff! I love labels (unless they’re judgment-based generalizations on people.) Check out her site, here.

Chalkboard Decal


3. Avocado

Avocado is a great app for couples to share to consolidate shopping lists. It’s completely free and sooooo helpful. Bear and I both download the app and it keeps our phones in sync so there are no more solo-trips to the grocery store where he doesn’t realize I need more lemons (for my Citrus Zinger). It’s the best. You can even add pictures in case the partner shopping doesn’t know what the packaging looks like of a particular item, as was the case with the chili-starter I spent nearly an hour trying to find once a few months back.


4. Bar Cart

Remember all of the “stuff” I previously mentioned? Well, this Threshold bar cart is part of the solution. It’s so cute and allows us to display some of the nicer items that we have a acquired in a chic way. You can find it at Target and it’s very affordable. (Seriously there are bar carts that are practically identical for hundreds of dollars more. Ridiculous.) Look into it.

image via target.com

image via target.com


5. Wine Aerator

This was something I actually purchased prior to the wedding. I used to be strictly a white wine drinker, but last year, thanks to the sister wives (sisters-in-laws) I started really loving red wine. Red wine needs to be aired out, so I picked up a Rabbit aerator as a major mark-down at TJ Maxx and I love using it.

image via amazon.com

image via amazon.com


6. Duolingo

I would love to be described as a “citizen of the world,” but sadly I have only been out of the country once: to Jamaica on our honeymoon. In preparation for the world traveling I feel one day we will do together, I have downloaded this app called Duolingo so that when we are navigating the streets of Paris, I can confidently ask a native Parisian where the closest bathroom is for Bear without sounding like a complete le morone.

It makes learning the language like a game. There are various levels and if you complete them without errors you earn extra points. If you think it sounds interesting, but don’t care about French, you should still check it out because there are a LOT of other languages available. J’adore!


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