How To Wrap Presents Like a Professional

how to wrap presents

Happy Holidays, everyone! Did this holiday season sneak up on you like a ninja? Well… It sure did creep on us! We have been super busy with holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping, traditions, and all of the “yooj” holiday stuff. (My friend says I should stop attempting to spell out the shortened version of ‘usual’ but I just can’t. It makes me giggle every time.) I know everyone gets a little crazy around the holidays and I am no exception, believe that. All blogging aside, however, no one needs to know about my insanity… Nor will they when I show up with impeccably wrapped presents. That’s right, friends: Perfectly presentable presents with vintage calligraphy tags are my specialty. I do them every year with various ribbons, paper, and last year, even tied a dough ornament around each one. This year I’m forgoing the dough ornaments because honestly, I’ve got bigger fish to fry than to hand craft ornaments for gifts every year. It’s a busy time and the season is shorter, so there you have it. I’m not a Scrooge, I’m just busy… and I know you are too. So, here’s the QUICKEST way to wrap a present.

1. Cut the wrapping paper to fit around the longest part of your present. Place your present up-side down on the paper.

How to Wrap Present

2.  Tape the paper on both ends along the edge of the bottom, and in your case, the side facing up.

How to Wrap a Present

3. Pull the un-taped flap of paper over the part you just taped down. Before taping it, fold the edge, so it’s nice and even. (This is really only something I do if I have cut the paper unevenly.)

Wrapping Presents     how to wrap presents

4. Give the gift a spin-a-roo , so that you are now facing one of the two open ends. (Doesn’t matter which, but don’t flip the package. Keep the taped part you just worked on facing up.) Now, using the corner of the box as your folding point, push in the left side of the open end and tape to the box. Then repeat with the right side, which should give you two triangles at the top and the bottom.

How to Wrap Presents     How to Wrap Presents

5. Take the triangle on the top and fold it down, again using the edge of the box as your folding point. Tape it down and then repeat this step with the bottom triangle. It gets folded up and then taped. Now, you repeat this step on the other side.

Wrapping Presents     wrapping presents: DIY

6. Now you can flip over your present! You’re over half-way done! Keep going… You just need the ribbon and the tag. I like to use more than one ribbon, to give it a little dimension and I found these great ribbons at TJ  Maxx that I had to have. (Tip: Use raffia, twine, or fabric ribbon and try to steer clear of the shiny paper kind.)

Wrapping Presents     Ribbon for Wrapping Presents

7. If you want the ribbon doubled over the package (the traditional style) you will need twice as much ribbon, so I like to reserve that kind of tie for gifts that are large because they have more negative surface space to fill. (That’s just my philosophy though.) So, for the purposes of this tutorial, cut enough of both your ribbons to go around the most narrow part of the present leave enough to make a bow and then tie it around the gift.

Wrapping Presents

8. Once you’ve knotted it tightly so it doesn’t slide around, and then tie the best bow you know how. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s the whole “package” (haha) that will make the impact, not one singular bow.

Wrapping Presents

9. Now for the tags. If you don’t feel like spending money on tags (mine are from Michael’s) you can always just write the name on the paper itself. I like to use tags, though, so here’s how I did my calligraphy. You must be sure that the names are shortened. That’s a big one. Listen, stylized writing on a small space like a gift tag doesn’t tend to work well with names like Victoria, so go with Vic… Or even V. (This gift was for a Secret Santa exchange so I simply wrote “Shh” in cursive.


10. After you pen your basic name, go over the down strokes only, so as to make them thicker like I did here.

hand caligraphy

11. Now you fill them in…

hand calligraphy vintage tag

And you’re DONE! May your holiday be a wonderful one filled with “oohs” and “ahhs” over your newly-cultivated wrapping capabilities.

how to wrap presents     Wrapping Presents                                                                                                                                How to wrap presents


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