DIY: Christmas Decorations

So… Did everyone make it through Turkey Day in one piece. I know we did over here, albeit we are larger pieces than we were just four days ago. (Quelle surprise.)After two very big meals on Thursday, I rolled myself out of bed and got started on “making Christmas,” as I call it.

The gourd table was begging to go. Truth be told, I was thrilled to be rid of my Martha-esque set up of fall colors and veggies. I’m more of a Christmas NUTcracker than I am a tryptoFAN of Thanksgiving. (See what I did there?) Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Anyway, I quickly got rid of the cornucopia of Thanksgiving decor and pulled box upon box down from the attic to begin with the Christmas season. The first big statement, since our living space is pretty small and cozy, was the mantle. (We’d love to have a big tree, but unfortunately, don’t have the room.) The mantle. It’s pretty much my favorite part of the house right now, and I change it a little every year, so it’s never the same. This year, we used the wedding gift from Queenie and Papa Bear as the centerpiece with our individual monogram ornaments we got from them last year. (I think it’s important to inject yourself and your family into the decorations, otherwise, it’s catalogue-y, and not personal. Right?)

DIY Christmas Decorations

Here are the aspects we used:

  • old school felt stockings (They’re classic. They’re inexpensive. They’re vintage. And they’ll have to do until I find just the right fabric to make more.)
  • Garland. (One word: Lights.) The warmth of Christmas lights peaking through garland on a mantle is about the sweetest sight you will ever see. Bear and I sit in the living room every night by the light of our small tree and mantle. It’s lovely.)
  • Ribbon. Get the thick kind with the wires on the edges. It lasts forever and never wrinkles or loses its shape. (Tip: Do more than one. I used one gold and one a dark cranberry for a little extra dimension.)
  • Whimsy: See the little owl in the twigs and the Santa hat on the shelf? I mean… come on. It’s fun and inexpensive! Those two items together cost less than $10!
  • Nutcrackers. Now… You don’t have to use nutcrackers. We have snowmen everywhere. Maybe Santa’s more your bag. Or hell, even the Grinch! Pick your holiday icon and go with it. Decorations shouldn’t be so stuffy that there is no fun. (Remember the whimsy?) Go for it. We even have a few “Christmas Vacation” wagons with trees on them throughout the living room too. Go nuts.

OK, so there you have your focal point. Let’s move on to the little pieces of holiday cheer that should be tucked throughout your home. Lucky for us, I had the foresight to keep the glassware from the wedding just specifically to use around the holidays. And lucky for YOU, I remember how I made them.

So… Mercury glass “milk bottles.” First things first: Collect bottles. Don’t just start hording spaghetti sauce jars. Think outside the box. I used Starbucks bottles to give the effect of vintage milk bottles. They are the perfect shape for mercury glass because I believe they truly look vintage. All you have to do is buy some chrome spray paint and spray INSIDE the bottles. Turn the bottles to make sure they are evenly coated and then let them dry up-side down. Easy peasy. (If you have paint-buying anxiety, don’t fret. I too suffer from this, and I can tell you from trial and error that my favorite brand for this type of project is Rustoleum. I like the chrome finish and the hammered metal finish. Both will work for a vintage mercury glass look.

DIY glitter chevron and DIY mercury glass milk bottle

The DIY chevron jar with glitter is a little trickier than “spray and watch dry.” It will involve some painters tape. Simply place painters tape in a chevron pattern on a mason jar and spray with a thick coat of glitter spray paint. You will want a thick coat or it just looks like a dusty jar. If you’re not into getting that tricky with tape, you can always just do stripes, or a solid thick band around a jar and use the tape as a cover for the top and bottom. (I would urge you to be adventurous and just TRY the chevron.) It’s very easy and everyone will ask how you did it, or where you got it. I think it works for the holidays or just about any old time. If you just want you house to have a chic whimsical feel to it, these are fab. The glitter paint that I really like the best is Krylon. Something about it sprays smoother than the others that I tried.

     DIY glitter chevron nad mercury glass milk bottle

Right now, we have a few of these bottles and jars on our bar cart, on our coffee table, and as a tablescape with pinecones. It’s really festive! I hope you guys give some of this a try, and if you do let me know how it goes. I would love to hear how it goes. Cheers!


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