All “Tartan’d” Up: Great Style on the Cheap!

I’m a pretty big fan of plaid. I love plaid scarves, over-sized button downs (a la 90’s grunge), large prints, smaller prints, pants, shorts, what have you. I have a light madras jacket for spring that is pretty great and I’ve had it for over a decade, but I have been looking for something that would work for the colder months. Cut to… I’m at Target. Yes, Target. (I’m telling you, that place is the BEST! )

So, I’m walking through Target and pass THIS jacket. I gave the once over and decided, that indeed it must be mine. (That, along with a Phillip Lim for Target trench coat that was ON CLEARANCE) I was very excited to wear it and finally got today. I kept everything else pretty basic since the jacket is so bold.

merona plaid jacket


Jacket: Merona

Tied T-Shirt: Monoreno

Stretch Skinnies: Forever 21

Flats: Mossimo

Necklace: Francesca’s



So, my little lovelies, what have we learned today? First of all, as always, personal style trumps fashion any. day. Second, you can find reallllllly cute pieces if you hunt for them. They’re usually hiding in plain sight. AND… Great style doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Nothing in this outfit was over $40. So there.




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