Tie On One: A New Way to Tie a Scarf

It’s that time again: FALL! Break out your boots, scarves, leggings, and fun winter coats. It’s the season of the biggest, fattest issues of all the best fashion magazines, so gather ’em up, and snuggle up with a cup of cider or spiked coffee or whatever the warm drink is of your choice. Before you brave the cooler weather to purchase said rags, make sure you bundle up…. Here’s how!

chevron dress and scarf

First things first. Invest in scarves. I live in Atlanta, so the weather is totally bizarre.  It goes from 70 to 30 in a blink and then back to 70 again… So, layering is pretty key. Aside from layering, a scarf is the perfect way to take an ordinary outfit to the next fall fashion level. And… Be experimental with how you tie them. There are so many different ways, each looking a little different than the other. Here’s my favorite way to tie one right now.

Chevron Dress: My Story, from Dress Up Boutique in Woodstock

Scarf: No clue. You can literally get them anywhere!

Booties: Baker’s

Leggings: Forever 21 (You can get these anywhere too!)

Instead of looping it around your neck and just pulling the pieces through together, with this tie, you pull the pieces through one at  a time, alternating them going over the loop and then under and vice versa. It creates a kind of woven pattern. If you can’t look at the scarf to the right and figure it out yourself (no judgment), I’ve created a little how to:

how to tie a scarf


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