Wedding Update: WE DID IT!

Once the photographer’s pictures come in, there will be more to share! (I’m so excited to see them!) But for now, I have just one and then some that people took and posted…. So, here we go. Our wedding weekend:

The Thursday, before our Saturday wedding, Bear and I decided that it would be best to exchange the traditional “day of” wedding gifts while we had some quiet time at home. This. was. a. great. decision. Since we live out in the burbs now, we stayed at the hotel on Friday and Saturday. Already packing for the honeymoon, the wedding day, the rehearsal dinner, and then our outfits for the rehearsal in the morning, we didn’t want to add anything else… Not to mention, my gift was multiple parts and none of them were needed on the honeymoon, nor did we want to include it in the stuff for my folks to gather for us on Sunday morning. (More on that in another post!)

Bridesmaids Luncheon

Bridesmaids Luncheon at JCT Kitchen


We had the rehearsal in the morning on Friday (because there was an event there that evening) and then all the girls headed to the bridesmaids’ luncheon at JCT Kitchen, which is a fab restaurant near the wedding venue, Summerour. We had a special event menu that was absolutely PERFECT for me. I don’t remember everything on it, but what I had (grilled cheese and tomato soup, HELLO) was perfect! Then we went to meet up with the guys, who I was told did not need to have their activities accounted for on my itinerary. Well, as it turns out, they were just at a bar near by and we went too! So there. From there, we all went back to the hotel to check in and get ready for the rehearsal dinner, which was also DELISH! I don’t have any photos from the dinner, but I can tell you that it was a lovely Italian restaurant called Brio. (Which, btw, I should share was recently featured on a new Bravo show, The New Atlanta.) I had pasta. Duh. Because by this point, I realized that I was at the weight I was going to be, and that was that. Might as well EAT UP! Soooo, I did! And Queenie and Papa Bear gave me the most beautiful necklace, made from an vintage hat pin. It’s stunning. (I’ll have pictures of that too.) I added it to a chain from a pearl necklace from Bear so they were all incorporated on our big day! And, Big D gave be a beautiful bracelet as a wedding present and I wore that too. I felt so loved and showered with support. It was phenomenal.


Ceremony at Summerour Studio

Ceremony at Summerour Studio

Then, the day of the wedding, it was crappy and rainy and I was a little worried that the surprise corn hole boards I had made for Bear wouldn’t be able to be used, that the courtyard of our venue (the reason we chose it) wouldn’t get utilized for the cocktail hour, that hair would frizz, that pictures wouldn’t get taken in the courtyard, that sparklers would go out, etc… But guess what: EVERYTHING WENT EXACTLY ACCORDING TO PLAN. I can’t even believe it. The music was perfect. (More on that later too.) My dress was fab! The food was INCREDIBLE! (Best. wedding. food. I’ve. ever. had.) The decor was understated and elegant and vintage. Everyone had a BLAST!

Husband & Wife!

Husband & Wife!

(I don’t know how, but whoever took this photo, snapped it at just the right time and in just the right light to somehow make my ring SPARKLE! I love it!)


Wedding Sneakpeak

image via Say Bre Photography






2 thoughts on “Wedding Update: WE DID IT!

  1. Danielle's Dish says:

    I had a blast at your wedding. The music was awesome, I commented on it to several people. I might just hire you when I get married one day to organize my tunes. The food was also amazing and I’m not blowing smoke. I loved your dress, you loved great. Really everything was just splendid!

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