Back to Reality: How to Make a Body Con Dress Work for Work

I’m back! Did you guys miss me?!?! I have so much to write about now, but I wanted to start with something small… So, here it is.

Body-Con dresses (that’s body conscious for those not in the know) are dresses that are typically form fitting, slimming and typically way too va-va-boom for work… But they are way to flattering to leave in the closet until the weekend, so here’s how to rock one in the office!

When it gets cooler, pair it with flat boots, a chunky scarf, and a oversized boyfriend sweater to balance out the femininity. Since it’s not cold enough for that yet, I added a little flavor with leopard sprint heels and a chunky belt. (Lose the belt and you’re good to go for a day-to-night look, by the way.) And to tone it down a bit more, I added a sporty linen jacket that it super light and super cute.

Dress: Calvin Klein
Heels: xhiliration
Belt: Chinese Laundry
Jacket: Mine (yes, that’s the brand)
Cameo Necklace: gift, c/o Big D
Elephant Necklace: gift, c/o a fabulous bestie (It’s our grown-up version of a BFF necklace. I think it’s from J. Crew.)



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