She’s a Planner

Well, the wedding day is fast approaching, and there are lots of little meetings and appointments, and spa days, and errands that have occupied most of my week days. After a series of strange circumstances regarding my work schedule, it has been actually quite convenient to have all of this free time leading up to the wedding.


Today, I worked on a project for Bear for the big day. (This is something that has been much more time consuming than anticipated, but I’m sure will be well worth it.) Aside from that I took care of some house chores and went with Goose to our venue for a walk-through with the caterers, site manager, and florist. I’m getting so excited to see everything come together on the big day, and if I’m being honest, I will say that although there were some hiccups, over all this process has been pretty easy. Here’s why: People keep telling me I’m the most organized bride they’ve ever worked with. I’m taking this as a compliment. (ie. They are NOT saying I’m a bridezilla. They are saying they appreciate my organization, list making, etc…) Anyway, yesterday after picking up the dress (AHHHH!), Goose and I did a little light shopping and I wanted to wear something new to the meeting, so that’s just what I did. Have a look.


chevron shorts and neon embroidered top

  • Neon Embroidered Blouse: Buttons, Francesca’s
  • Chevron Shorts: Alya, Francesca’s
  • Sandals: AGL, c/o Goose
  • Shades: Francesca’s (BOGO)
  • Chunky Bracelet: c/o Goose
  • Drop Earrings: c/o Meems

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