Tapered Pants Thursday!

I’m really excited today because I finally found (after 4+ years of searching) tapered pants! Before you freak out, let me please explain that these are NOT harem pants/AC Slater pants/Hammer pants. There is absolutely NO WAY that I ever wear anything with a drop-crotch. (Seriously, guys. You should know me better than that.) These are simply pants that are tapered at the ankle. (I think the silhouette is less scary to people now because of the boyfriend jean thing that has happened as of late.)


Anyway, I went shopping with Goose last weekend and we found TWO pairs in the exact colors I’ve been looking for: black and olive green. (WEEEE!) I have some very specific images of how I will wear both and I’m very, very excited to show the “weekend-wear” of both pairs. For today, however, here’s how I styled the black ones for the office:

tapered pants for office

  • Purple Blouse: Daniel Rainn
  • Tapered Pants: Petticoat Alley
  • Purple Suede Heels: Marco Santi
  • Beaded Bracelet: Gift, c/o Goose
  • Silver/Purple Hoops: Banana Republic

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