Western Shirt, Lace Skirt

I have at least 5 blouses with piping, and one pair of pants. (I wish I had more.) The other characteristic I like to buy is the oxford style of top. (ie. something that buttons up.) They are practical, always in, very classic, and paired with the right items can be really cool.


western shirt and lace skirt

Today, I paired this very Western top with a lace skirt and somehow it works. (YAY!)  And per yesterday’s Aztec post, I am also rocking a fairly 90’s Aztec/Western style bracelet! So here goes:

  • Western Top: Mossimo
  • Lace Pencil Skirt: Banana Republic
  • Leopard Flats: Mossimo
  • Bracelet: gift, c/o Goose


Note: My little buddy wanted to be in the picture this morning. See him?


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