Map it Out: Using a Map to Style Your Room

I’ve seen multiple “tutorials” on this and it’s just silly. Anyone can do it.
1. Pick a map you like and frame it. (You don’t have to think globally. Maybe there’s a map of the subway in your city that you think is cool. Use whatever you like!)
2. Purchase things to go in the room that compliment or match the colors in the map.
The. End.
That’s it. There is no secret to map style. Further, the same is true for really any artwork that adorns your walls! If you like the picture, and you dig the colors, then go for it! Above our TV hangs a photo of the ground with shadows of leaves that Big D took and then blew up and printed on canvas. I love it. It’s a really beautiful, rich, mustard yellow… Which if you can’t tell I LOVE.
And… If you want to go the map route, look into buying some Mod Podge. Earn yourself some crafty bonus points: You can Mod Podge a map onto a lacquer tray practically for free!  Just buy a map, buy the Mod Podge, and follow the package instructions. Boom! Now you’re super crafty and thrifty too!
Map it Out

Armless sofa

Accent table
$815 –

Wood book shelve

Yellow home accessory

Shabby Chic floral home decor
$62 –

Throw pillow

LSA International home decor
$25 –

Chenille bath mat
$7.77 –


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