Industrial Meets Modern Living/Dining

 As more and more of our wedding presents pour in, our visions of our DREAM HOME come more and more to life. I’m finding that what Bear and I have landed on is much classier than the previously posted living room. The Moroccan post remains pretty close. Anyway, I find that when we mix our styles, we have a much more industrial/modern/rustic thing happening and I’m very much digging it.
This room, I’ve created, based on our combined tastes and wedding registries. Super fun! I’m loving the chic tufted sofa combined with the gold coffee table… Which reminds me, I did a project a few weeks ago I haven’t shared yet. Stay tuned for that.
Further the blinged out drum light is totally my style and I’m thinking I could MAKE one, so that could be my next project! (People probably think the tools we registered for were for Bear, but they are not! They’re for the MILLIONS of DIY’s I have going on in my head.) Also, I find we’re really digging pale blues and mints with black and white. It’s SO CHIC!
Industrial Meets Modern Living/Dining

Distressed kitchen table

Oly white light

Coastal furniture

Chandra rug

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