Wedding Shower

Ok, so… I’ve gotten some requests regarding my shower dress, and I have better pictures now! It was such a wonderful time. So, where do I start….

The venue for the shower was such a quintessential place for a shower of any kind. (Also, the patio looked smashing and would be stunning at night I’m sure. I’m a sucker for patios.) If you’re ever in the Norcross area, which I am typically not, it’s worth a trip to the Forum. First of all, outdoor shopping malls: Can I get a amen?!?! So many great stores to choose from and lots of great little cafes and restaurants to rest between stores.

We had the shower at Grace 1720. It looked like a little Italian bistro. Very European! (I’m very into this style of place, so it was absolutely perfect for me!) The two wonderful women that put it on for me, were two of Goose’s best friends… since college. (Fun Fact: Goose met one of them on her FIRST day moving into the dorms… The very same dorm, I might add, where I lived however many years later.) Anyway, these women have been in my life my WHOLE and are very important to both me and my family. I adore them.


I want to start with them… The ladies. These women, along with one more who was not there because she was on vacation, but her presence was felt, none the less. (I’ll get to why later.) Anyway, my parents’ friends from college are what I strive for with my own friends. Family vacations, picnics, parties, kids all taking baths together, playing together, long dinners, with longer sessions of talk and laughter afterward, holiday gatherings, the works. So, these people are our framily. (Friends + Family= The Family You Choose) That’s what they are. Make no mistake, these people are family.  If I can grow old with my friends and stay even half as close as my parents have done with their friends, I’ll count myself lucky. Further, these women, are such role models in so many different ways. There was something really special about a shower being thrown for me by these women that I love and respect so much for varying reasons. Talent, taste, creativity, compassion, perseverance, humor, kindness, I could go on and on…. But I won’t, because there is a lot more to discuss.


I know I mentioned the yummy desserts, courtesy of Baker Barb, one of the aforementioned impressive ladies. We have told her that she needs to turn Baker Barb into PAID Baker Barb, because lemme tell you what… DELISH!!!! Take a look at her site, if you don’t believe me. There’s some incredible stuff there! And Susan is a very talented interior designer and a teacher. Both women would knock your socks off. Such cool ladies to have in my life to look up to.

IMG_3712_2    IMG_3713_2





So, we all sat and chatted and had a lovely meal. (I had chicken salad on a croissant, tomato soup, and watermelon.)  Very much my cup of tea. Perfection. And then once the visiting and eating wound itself down it was time for presents. Here’s the weird thing: I felt less awkward than I usually do when opening gifts in front of people AND I was right smack in the middle of the room. Sitting alone. With all eyes on me. (I did notice, however, that I spoke in a funny voice sometimes. This is something I do when I’m uncomfortable. I talk in an audibly fake and exaggerated syrup-y sweet southern accent. I don’t know why it happens, but it does. I hope it’s endearing. I picture it as being an endearing quality in some rom-com protagonist…. Right? Right, guys?)


The gifts… Obviously I loved everything, since we registered for it all. Duh. We got a lot of items off our registry that I’m very excited about!!!! And there were even a few surprises. The surprises go as follows:

The man that will preside over our wedding is a member of the “framily” I described earlier. He is the vacationing framily member’s son, and a minister. He also presided over Baker Barb’s daughter’s wedding two years ago. So, we’re keeping it all in the framily and he’s doing ours too. WEEEE! Well, when he got married many years ago, his dad wrote a book of tips of having a happy wife marriage and after some coaxing he self-published. I FINALLY received a copy of it! A Frying Pan is Not a Gift It’s funny. It’s heartfelt. It’s sweet. I feel it’s pretty accurate. It’s great.

She also sent with the book a jar of jalapenos that she grew herself, which is pretty great because we had JUST run out of jalapenos a day before. Her daughter, was part of the gift too, and assured me that the portion from our registry that was included was her influence and that she’s repeatedly told her mom that jalapenos are not a gift. (Hmmm… Next book idea?) And she made a memory book on Shutterfly that most definitely reduced me to tears.

memory book

My dad’s friend from high school gave a gift that just stopped. the. show. I mean… shut. it. down. It appeared to be a normal gift bag, with a super cool black and white picture of Elvis and Priscilla as the tag. (I was only mildly insulted when a few people asked me if I knew who they were. My God. I’m not a child.) The bag appeared ot be normal, but she quickly interjected when it was placed on my lap and said it would be best to just rip the sides of the bag and slide the gift out. So… That’s of course what I did, with some assistance. What I pulled out was stunning. It was three hat boxes, stacked in tiers (like a wedding cake) and it was covered from bottom to top with mauve, purple, and cream silk flowers and glass beads. The middle layer has a an antique washed banner scrolling across it that says “Our Wedding Day.” Finally, sitting atop the highest tier, just like a real wedding cake, sits a porcelain figurine of a bride and groom, which she informed us was from the 1920’s. She then explained that the bottom two layers opened, so we could later store memorabilia from the big day. “Oh. My. God” I thought “I will have this forever, and then I’ll give it to my daughters and it will be a family heirloom that has been passed down-” What? Oh, There were gifts inside. Of course! So I open it… There was a beautiful set of grey napkins from Anthropologie, my favorite store…. and napkin rings.

memory box napkin rings

I would love to explain the napkins rings, but it will sound ridiculous as I’ve tried to explain them numerous times, but without luck. They are silver in color and each one stands on it’s own and has a dog on some kind of contraption. It sounds bizarre, I know, But they are whimsical and completely beautiful and fun.

Everything was incredibile and I am constantly feeling so lucky throughout this wedding process. Stressed? Yes. Nervous? Sure. But lucky. Lucky every single day. Here’s some more pics of me opening prezzies… and probably speaking with a weird pseudo-southern accent.



And… I had to put the top down just to get everything in my car!


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