Cardi and Pencil and Flats… Oh my!

There is not much that I love more than a cardi. I have tons and actually wear all of them… Seriously. I wear them to the point where the elbows give out and I look like an Orphan extra in Oliver Twist… Or Annie. (I guess Annie is more appropriate, since I’m a girl.) Anyway, the point is not what literary work I could be a character in. The point is that I like cardigans.


Here’s why: They add polish to an outfit, while simultaneously allowing you to discard them if it gets warm. (ie. cold cubicle, hot day. It’s a problem I’m sure we’ve all faced, n’est-ce pas?) I also really enjoy that they are light weight enough to just through into your bag and head on out of the office and they don’t ever really make or break the outfit. This is one of my favorite cardis right now because it’s MUSTARD. And as we know, I love my yellows!

Summer Tuesday

– Cardi: Mossimo

– Blouse: Dabiel Rain

– Pencil Skirt: Willi Smith

– Flats: Mossimo

– Earrings: Forston’s Boutique

– Leaf Bracelet: gift, c/o bestie (for Christmas last year)



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