Monday Not-So-Funday

Ah, another Monday in the office. Apparently, school started back today which did absolutely awful things to my commute. Anyway, I didn’t have a lot of time this morning, but still was feeling brave enough to see if these gray “slacks” (I like saying slacks. It simultaneously reminds me of my grandmother and the movie Wet Hot American Summer) would fit me now that I’ve lost a little weight. As you can see by the picture: THEY DID!


I really love yellow and gray together. So, that’s what I went with.

Yellow and Gray

Slacks: Isaac Mizrahi

Top: Merona

Wedges: Unlisted

Chunky Turquoise Necklace: c/o Goose

Super cool watch: also c/o Goose. (She bought a boring watch and sewed in an old monogram of mine, some buttons, a chiseled dime, and various other trinkets. I love it!)


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