Fancy Friday: Day to Night

Hello, friends! Today is special work day because I’ll be going straight from work to a happy hour and dinner to celebrate my future brother-in-law’s birthday. It is for this reason that I tried to find a good “day to night” outfit that would be appropriate for the office, but would be fun and snazzy enough for going out in the evening too.

I know the mags like to to do it this way…

For the Office/Day: slinky dress, over-sized blazer, watch, and flats

For Going Out/Night: ditch the flats for strappy heels, loose the jacket and watch for dangly earrings and a clutch


Well, I’m not doing it that way today. I don’t like to have to change/add/subtract anything. (That is how I lose earrings by leaving them in the inner pocket of a purse for eleven years until rediscovering them one day and wondering why the hell they were in my bag, and not my ears, in the first place.) So, to keep it super easy, I’ve just worn an outfit suitable for BOTH the office and going out afterward, without having to change ANYTHING.


Necklace: Alloydownload

Blouse: Forever 21 (The pattern you are seeing in the middle is the lace cut-outs over both shoulders. )

Skirt: Dress Up Boutique

Shoes: Mossimo


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