Bachelorette Party

I know, I know. I’ve been completely MIA for a while. Here’s the scoop: Aside from being insanely busy with a new day job (and an even more terrible commute), working out, the bachelorette party, potentially planning a move, cleaning house, working on wedding stuff, errands, etc… I thought my computer was broken.

Did you guys know there is LITERALLY a switch on some laptops that controls whether or not your computer will accept wireless networks? Let me lay some truth on you. There is exactly such a switch! I have been stomping around my house complaining about my ‘puter for WEEKS now and then I finally realized that I had inadvertently flipped the switch to the “off” position. Whoops. So, anyway… Sorry. I’m here now and that’s all matters, babies.

Soooo, the bachelorette party! Let me tell you what: My friends are soooo awesome. They really went all out. We went to Charleston with a group of 13 girls. THIRTEEN. I know what you’re thinking. 13 girls= DRAMAAAAAAA. Nope. We were all perfectly mostly well behaved.

Bachelorettes at the Rooftop Pool of the Palms Hotel on Isle of Palms


View from the Palms Hotel Room

We went to eat at some REALLLLLLLY yummy places, Saturday morning before the beach, some of us nursed our hangovers with some hair of the dog and greasy snacks at Acme Lowcountry Kitchen.

That’s where I got absolutely ideal fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese, drizzled with balsamic. I’m telling you they were superb. After some beach time Saturday, a rinse in the pool, and some relaxing in the hotel room watching Dirty Dancing, we reconvened in our room and had a lingerie party.

Fried Green Tomatoes with Pimento Cheese

Lingerie Party


Whole Foods penis cakes


College Ladies!

College Ladies!

Goofing Off

photo 3

Bachelorette Party at Pavilion Rooftop Bar

It was such a great weekend and I felt so loved and celebrated in a “I’m so glad all you ladies from all these various points in my life cared enough to spend time and money to come here for the sole purpose of celebrating me” kind of way. Seriously. So sweeeeeeet!








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