Ruffles: All Grown Up

hazel ruffle dress with wedgesSo, I’ve recently changed day-jobs, for those that don’t know. My new place of employment no longer has casual Fridays. However, there ARE lots of other benefits and wonderful things that make up for it, so I’m thrilled to be here.

Anyway, Friday’s aren’t casual anymore, so that just adds one more day of fun office attire and today I pulled out this old gem from Anthropologie. It’s super busy, so no accessorizing necessary, which is what I was going for this morning. Quick, easy, get out the door in a hurry.

I am not typically a fan of “ruffles,” unless they are on a child, but this dress brings some sophistication to an otherwise girly style by incorporating lace and layering the lace and ruffles along the neckline… Which I think is very flattering!


Dress: hazel, from Anthropologie

Belt: Mmm…. Target?

Wedges: MIA




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