Saturday Baby Day = Boyfriend Jeans + Wedges

Visiting Friend's Baby

Last weekend started off with minimal plans, but turned out to pretty busy and FANTASTIC! I cleaned out a bunch of our stuff at the house and donated it to Good Will. I had brunch with Goose. I finally got my wedding rings (yes, RINGS. Plural.) appraised. I sanded and painted a wooden coffee table to look gilded. (More on that later.) I cleaned the house. I did laundry. I went out with some friends. I got Bear and I ready for BOTH of our new jobs (that started today, by the way.) BUT… By far… The BEST part was getting to FINALLY meet this little booger.

One of my besties recently had a baby (remember I mentioned the nursery?) so I finally went over to meet the little love, snuggle, play, make decorating plans, talk shower ideas (she’s throwing me one, not, like, remodeling her bathroom or anything), catch up, gossip a little, and generally just be girly together. I think I was there for all of 20 minutes before her husband left to go “hit balls.” Anyway, it was a blast and I was there for FIVE HOURS. A much needed little visit.


Boyfriend Jeans & Wedges

Cropped T-Shirt: Mossimo

Boyfriend Jeans: Alloy

Wedges: MIA

Necklace: Forever 21

Arm Party: Target




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