The Maxi Dress Pulls Double Duty… As a SKIRT

For those that don’t know, I’m a huge fan of maxi’s. I love them! Also, I’ve been on many a shopping trip whenmaxi dress as skirt my shopping partner teases me for buying yet another dress. GUILTY! I love to buy dresses. I like the ease of throwing on a dress and some shoes and being on my way. But there’s another reason why I love buying dresses… And that is because they can always serve two roles: Maxi dresses can be a dress OR a skirt. And shorter length dresses can double as a shirt and dress.


On multiple occasions, I’ve tucked a short dress into a skirt (or sometimes palazzo pants) and rocked it as a top. (Seriously, all the time.) But today, I’m wearing a maxi dress as a skirt with wrap sweater. If you’re not already taking advantage of your dresses’ adaptability, let this be a lesson. You should be! You’ll basically DOUBLE your wardrobe!


Earrings: Vintage clip-on’s (They were my great grandmother’s.)

Sweater: Merona

Dress: Thrifted

Glads: Patagonia


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