OFFICE space: Perfect Girly Office

 I’ve been OBSESSED with home offices lately. I’ve been pinning home offices like it’s my JOB! (Ohhh, puns!) Remember this really great fabric? I would truthfully LOVE to incorporate into the living room, but it is very bright and Bear isn’t a huge fan of a lot of bright colors everywhere… So I think some of my things may be relegated to a guest bedroom/office when we finally move. (That is totally fine by me! I’d love to have a home office all to myself!)
I found throw pillows on Polyvore that are the same fabric I just purchased and started there. I knew I wanted to get that green and make it pop, so I focused on that nice emerald and then added in a few splashes of pink, and the rest took off! Here’s what is GREAT: I have three Audrey Hepburn movie posters from a trip to New York that Big D had framed in a big, gold, glorious custom frame with a black matte. It would look PHENOMENAL with all these colors.
We have Bear’s dad’s old desk, that I have intended to paint for the longest time and haven’t… And on top of that I have a black computer cabinet that could easily made into a lovely green masterpiece. Stay tuned!
OFFICE space

Bestlite BL2 Table Lamp – Brass
$615 –

Innermost Jeeves Wall Light
$290 –

Hawthorne Laburnum Vase


Occasional Chairs and Poufs

Pantone Flower Pot – 114 EC
$81 –


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