Fabulous Fabric Sale + Sewing Machine = THROW PILLOWS

We received a new quilt set for our bed and I’ve been really itching to get some throw pillows to compliment it, but haven’t seen the RIGHT ones yet. (I have a somewhat tropical idea of how our bedroom should be and I will not deviate from this image.) Well, on the way home from work last night, I stopped into a fabric store to find they were having a sale. (Lucky day!) So I putzed around until I found the perfect combination of fabrics for our bedroom… and then a little more for some other projects TBD.

Here’s what I got:

fabric for throw pillows   FABULOUS fabric   mustache fabric


Now… The yellows and blues are EXACTLY what I was picturing for our bedroom, but the other fabrics (that BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT chevron and matching floral print and the hilarious mustache pattern) don’t necessarily have a specific home yet, but soon will. I’m just not 100% sure what I want to do with them. But stay tuned…


Anyway, the throw pillows: I wanted removable (aka WASHABLE) pillow covers in specific colors and patterns, so making them myself seemed like a perfect plan. I’ve made pillows before so it should be a piece of cake! Right???? Well, I completely forgot that I got rid of my modern (albeit cheap) sewing machine to make room for this expensive (and somewhat dated) number from Meems. (Reminder: That’s my grandmother.)

singer sewing machine and table



Whoops. I started to panic. The bobbins I had in my sewing kit didn’t fit. I didn’t know the right tension to use. Everything was different from what I was used to. Well, before throwing in the towel and calling in reinforcements, I poured myself a glass of wine, found the instruction book (and extra bobbins) in the drawer, and settled in for the night.


It probably took me a little longer than it normally would, but I did it! I tackled this green monster from the 1950’s and came out with 4 beautifully patterned throw pillows to add to our lovely bedroom:




bed with throw pillows                                                  throw pillows close up

throw pillows close up

throw pillows close up


Now… Here’s how you make the easiest throw pillow ever in six steps… with CHARTS!

***For the purposes of these illustrations, when you see “front” and “back” I am referring to the front and back of the FABRIC, not the pillow. The opening, where you insert your pillow into the cover, should always go in the BACK.


throw pillow instructions (part 1)      throw pillow instructions (part 2)


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