Palazzo Pants Friday: It’s Becoming a Thing

You got me! I stocked up on palazzo pants. I’ll admit it. Here’s why: I like wearing baggy jeans (preferably boyfriend jeans) and that’s just not conducive to a corporate environment, even on casual Friday, know what I’m saying? So… rather than comfy jeans, I loveeeeeee to wear palazzos. (Also, it’s summer and it’s hot.)

I debated on my styling today because this muted floral print is not something I’m used to doing. Yes I have lots of garments with patterns and print, but typically I go BIG. This pattern is small and busy. It’s got all these muted tones: brown, taupe, cream, black, and even a drab cornflower blue in it! I was about to give up on them (because I thought they only looked good with this blue graphic tee from J. Crew, which definitely wouldn’t have worked for the office) but then I found this embellished tunic and thought to myself… I said “Self, you should go full on 70’s today!” So I did. Groovy. Unfortunately for me, when I got to the office, everyone was standing around chit-chatting so my outfit received a department-wide critique. Whatever. Fine by me.

Now, Bear calls palazzo pants “butt pants” for reasons I can’t exactly understand because they are so loose-fitting, but regardless, I think it’s a good thing.


Tunic: Forever 21patterned pants and hippie style

Pants: xhiliration

Cork Wedges: MIA

Watch: Michael Kors

Earrings: Banana Republic

Belt: no idea, maybe Target?



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4 thoughts on “Palazzo Pants Friday: It’s Becoming a Thing

    • Claire says:

      Friend. Let me tell you. I SCOUR the earth for these bad boys, but lucked out at Target, but not every Target. ONLY the one on 92 and 575. (PetsMart shopping center) That is the only one where I’ve been able to find them! And they’re PERFECT!

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