Summertime Office Caj: Mint and Red

mint jeans, denim shirt, red accessories, leopard flatsWell… It’s Friday! Let’s all be glad the week is finally ending and the weekend is soon to begin, in T minus 8 hours. (Yes!) As y’all know, our office does casual Friday which I take full advantage of. I haven’t worn my mint jeans yet this spring/summer, so it was time… I love, love, love mint. Really. I can’t get enough. I especially love it paired with rich colors, like RED, which is what I did today. And for a little something different, I brought out the leopard flats. (Rawr!) As an aside, I’ll say, it’s wayyyyy past time for me to retire these shoes because they are so old and some of the seams are bursting. I won’t be getting rid of them until I find a suitable replacement. You can take that to the bank!

Anyway, I emplore you to try combinations that are a little outside the box. Mint does look good with peach and coral, sure. It’s a great look. However, going bold with something unexpected, like bright red or leopard for example, is a sure way show that your personal style is eclectic, fun, and daring.


Now, the fedora… Let me explain. I don’t wear hats to work. Ever. I do, on the other hand, drive a convertible. The weather this morning was so perfect, I just had to enjoy it with the top down. To prevent messy wind-blown hair, I went with a hat on to keep everything in place. (And I thought it complimented the shoes!) It came off once I pulled into the office parking lot.

mint jeans: UO

leopard flats: Mossimo

fedora: Mossimo (it’s a men’s hat)

bubble necklace: etsy

purse: Guess

denim top: Merona


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