Studs and Lace

studs and laceSince I didn’t get to wear my other fab’rik necklace this weekend, I was itching to make it work today… As you can see, it’s metal and a little steampunk in nature. I  wanted to let that shine so I paired it with a skirt that is COVERED in tiny, tiny, little studs.

Of course, if you don’t remember, I do work at a law firm so I can’t exactly go full-on rock and roll at the office. I have to tone everything down to be work-friendly. (As everyone should… Because too many studs not only look ridiculous but also are not in anyway appropriate for corporate America.) So… To counteract the toughness of the necklace and skirt, I paired them with a coral top, a lace front cardi (with a floral detailing in the back) and some rose gold in the form of a chronograph watch. A little feminity helps to smooth out the rough edges.

It’s nice to mix varying styles in a way that compliment each other and I try to do this as often as possible. Too much of one style or trend can completely flatline and leave your look absolutely lifeless and dull… Or it can have the reverse effect and look like you’re headed out to costume party. (I know I’ve said that before, but that’s because it’s true.)


coral racer-back tank: Banana Republic

rose gold watch: Cherry Bomb

cardi: hazel, Anthropologie

skirt: Francesca’s

studded heels: Rack Room (Yes, really. I went in for leather protectant once and I saw them on sale for $10, so I figured,”Ummm. Yes. Those want to come with me.”)


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