Imma Chic Beach

This past weekend, I made a run to Target. Most dangerous game, right? I can’t get out of that place without finding at least one thing I “never knew I always needed.”

imma chic beachWell, this most recent trip was no exception. You see, last week we donated some things to charity, one of which being my favorite beach bag. (I’d had it for nearly five years and I really loved it.) Regardless, I thought it needed to be upgraded now that I have not one, but two towels to carry… Along with Bear’s LOADS of sunscreen in addition to my own, and magazines, and books, and sunglasses, and iPods, and whatever else you take to the pool/beach. So you see? My tote purchase was completely justified. LOOK AT IT!


And what section is right near the bags? The HATS! We know I love a fedora, but I decided to venture out a bit. Wayyyyy out. To a giant, oversized, floppy hat. (Check it out here. So chic!) I thought it would look really good with the fringe monokini I posted earlier.

But why stop there?!?! I broke a pair of oversized black sunglasses a few weeks ago in a fight with the vacuum cleaner. (Don’t ask.) So I mozied on over to the sunglasses and picked up a pair of really round, really big movie star shades. (a la Olsen twins)

When I pranced in the door, I showed Bear my loot, “Chic! It’s so chic, right? Do I look chic?” I don’t remember exactly what he said, but I think the low grumblings basically translated to, “Yes, dear. You look fabulous!” And you know what? I did. I looked like a real “chic beach.”




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