fab’rik WHITE COLLECTION charity event


As promised, I’m ready to update you on attending my FIRST runway show. Let’s get into it:

I was on time an hour early so I got a prime parking space and was able to watch the setup. It gave me a real feel for what it takes to put on such a classy event. The venue, Summerour Studio, is a beautiful Italian style villa smack in the heart of the city that just reeks of elegance and understated beauty, which coincidentally is the same place where Bear and I will wed in exactly 106 days! (Before I even entered the building I ran into the events manager there and spoke briefly about wedding updates. It was good to start the night with a familiar face.) I walked into the brick-floored courtyard and through the double doors (completely outlined with lush, green vines), to give my name at the greeting table. Once they checked me off the list, I was free to roam about. (What? You mean you don’t want to take my picture and ask me who I’m wearing?!?!)

Guests couldn’t resist snapping photos and mingling in the beautiful courtyard with the Atlanta skyline as the backdrop.
Upon entering the showroom, I found most of it to be already set up. The runway, the chairs, the silent auction, the bar, the food tables, mannequins donning pieces from the collection, a mini fab’rik store, and a jewelry wall. (More on the jewelry wall later.)
Bombay Sapphire Bar Runway: Ready!
Food Table  mini fab'rik
                                  mini fab'rik silent auction and mannequinsmini fab'rik  Runway
silent auction and mannequins  jewelry wall
jewelry wall  Food Table
After photographing every moment of the setup, the event forming before my eyes, I sat in the lobby area by the step and repeat and waited for the the guests to arrive. It was during this time I was able to chat with Courtney, an 8-year employee of the company and the woman handling the model calls for the runway show. (Insert Kelly Cutrone reference here.)
In between greeting fellow employees coming in before the event kicked off and directing late models to the fitting rooms (Tisk, tisk. Tyra would not be pleased.), Courtney answered a few questions and I got the real scoop on the event, the charity, and the line. Courtney has held several positions during her time at fab’rik, from stylist to manager to trainer, so our chat was really informative and she obviously knows her stuff!
The event, created by fab’rik CEO, Dana Spinola, would benefit free fab’rik, a charity for Atlanta teens that fab’rik puts on several times a year. Rather than donating boxes of clothing to shelters, the clothing is collected and presented in a store, so girls can have a proper shopping spree, free from the constraints of price-tags. (Doesn’t that sound nice!) Spinola clearly knows the value of true boutique shopping and what it can do for your confidence to walk out of a store feeling like a million bucks… Without having to spend it!)
The line was designed by Spinola as well, and as it is her first line it was a HUGE night for her. During my talk with Courtney, the most I saw of Dana was a flash of blonde hair and cargo pants. They were expecting “between 200 and 300 people, but you never know,” so the pressure was on! Despite the significance of the evening and the spotlight being all on her, she took the time to share a warm embrace with a former employee who was just returning from traveling overseas. (After talking with everyone and hearing the speeches later in the evening, I’m not at all surprised by this as Spinola is incredibly giving, and genuinely loves everyone she works with.)
   Step & Repeat  Step & Repeat  Step & Repeat
Situated behind the greeting table was a donation room for guests of the event to bring items for the next free fab’rik event. As people began trickling in, I looked on as guest after guest handed over bags and boxes of clothing to the employees who were all too happy to take them. One of the employees working the event, with fabulously styled hair I might add, would compliment everyone as they handed over a bag or two of clothes. “You look gorg,” he would say, “the show is just through that door, doll.” Friendliness and effortless summer style was so thick  you could see it in the air. Everything and everyone was accessible and welcoming.
As guests arrived, brand loyalty became readily apparent. People remarked on how the venue even smelled like the fab’rik stores. (There were candles sprinkled throughout.) The employees working the event were all wearing something from the store or from the new collection but still managed to each represent their own personal style. They were simultaneously fun and professional. This was where my chat with Courtney ended. GO TIME! I wandered inside the venue again to snap photos of everyone in attendance. Here are some of the stand-outs…
Step & Repeat
Palazzo Pants
Maxi and Fedora
tribal shorts and graphic tee
From 7:00pm on, guests were free to drink and eat and shop. (Three of my favorite things!) The jewelry wall and mini-boutique that flanked the stairs were fully functions stores! Pieces from the line and chunky statement necklaces were ripe for the taking…. Errr… Buying. (Seeing as how I didn’t have to purchase a ticket for the event, I showed my support by buying two necklaces.) As guests mingled and posed for pictures, they noshed on turkey pesto paninis, crabcakes, meatballs, veggies, popcorn, and deli meats wrapped around fresh mozz. Being the hardcore investigative journalist that I am, I had a little of everything… You know, to make sure it was all on the up and up. (Wink, Wink!) It was delicious.
At around 8 I took my seat for the show. A fellow writer and I sat together on the front row (Another nice surprise! I thought the “press” people would be relegated to the last rows, but imagine my surprise when Dana herself gave the go-ahead to grab a front-row seat!) Before the show started Dana’s husband took the stage and gave a really sweet introduction about the event, the charity and how proud he was that she had dreamed all this up and then made it happen. (He was completely right. She’s quite the impressive lady. See more about Dana here.) “Single ladies, take note,” he said, “The most magnetizing thing about Dana when we first started dating was that she was fearless enough to leave behind a successful career for the unknown just to pursue what she loved.” (A valid point. People that go after what they want = Sexy. Go Dana!)

Founder and CEO of fab’rik, Dana Spinola, looked on humbly as her husband introduced her.

Dana then took over and again explained both the importance of giving back to those less fortunate and the excitement she had for her new line. (It’s worth noting, that her outfit was one of my favorites: Black lace shorts that just barely peak out of a hi-lo tank with a patterned back. THIS is how you dress up shorts, people.)
Dana Spinola
The lights dimmed and music started, and- what? They’re not models?!?! A trio of dancers!
 Once the crowd was revved up, the fashion show finally began. I couldn’t wait. Icona Pop played over the speakers and excitement filled the room as the first model stomped onto the runway. “I don’t care! I love it….”
The label might be called “white,” but the collection was RED HOT! Bright colors and tropical prints poured onto the runway in the form of maxi dresses, colorful jeans, hi-lo blouses, chunky jewelry, fringe booties, summer dresses, short shorts, and cover-up kaftans.
There were hi-lo blouses in flowy chiffon, which is very much MY style. There were bright floral prints and chevrons. There tribal prints and chunky necklaces (of which, as I said, I took home two). Jewel tones and pastels lit the wooden room and the photographers’ flashes began!  Each breezy outfit was styled perfectly. Some models walked barefoot, really bringing the beach feel while others kicked up their long dresses to reveal open-toe fringe booties. Like Dana’s look, there were short shorts paired with long blouses, a look that I can’t wait to recreate. Bright jeans and printed tops blew by me in a flash of color. Everything was completely on trend. Nothing was out of place!
Here are the looks:
first look
3rd look
4th look
5th look
love the hi-lo with pants
short shorts with hi-lo
hi-lo with pants
one of my favs
summer dress
After the show, Dana returned to the runway to thank everyone for attending and had all of her team join her on stage. I’m telling you… Class. Act.
fab'rik team
fab'rik team
fab'rik team
fab'rik team
Another thank-you for the audience, who were at this point all standing and applauding with delight, myself included.

It was such a great night! Dana and her fab’rik team have a lot to be proud of.
 I obviously loved it. What do you guys think of the line?

While this is a sponsored post for fab’rik, all opinions and views are my own. Thank you for helping to support the brands we love here at HOUSE of FROST.

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3 thoughts on “fab’rik WHITE COLLECTION charity event

    • Claire says:

      It was so much fun. She really did a great job with the line. Everything, literally everything, looked like it was just right up my alley. And it was SUPER cool to hear about the charity work too! Very classy lady and company.

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