Cubicle Jungle: Tribal meets Office

tribal meets office

Inspired by the summery feel of last night’s charity fashion show, I wanted to bring a little “tropic thunder” of my own to work today. (And I wanted to wear my new fab’rik necklace!) Starting with the major statement necklace, I pieced my look together.

We all know I love a palazzo pant, so it seemed the perfect time to bust them out. You can’t really tell in the picture (still waiting for that big girl camera) but they are navy with taupe polk-a-dots. They tie at the top, so I tucked in a white blouse, slapped on some brown wedges and there you go. Office ready!

I paired it with last night’s bib necklace, but I also added a wooden cuff and tribal-inspired resin ring.

So… How would you style a bib necklace?



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