Bright and Eclectic

My new favorite thing is brightly colored furniture pieces. A friend of mine from high school runs very successful site, and unlike me she DOES actually have interior design schooling to back her up. She posted an emerald green chest of drawers that is to die for. Check it out here.  I can’t wait to try out some of her tutorials.

Now, the leopard rug. I have been obsessed with animal print carpeting/rugs/what have you since a feature on Amy Smart’s home (I think) in In Style magazine YEARS ago. (I stock pile magazines like a hoarder until I tear out the pages I like for home, beauty, fashion, recipes, etc… It’s like a hard copy Pinterest, in the form of 5-10 notebooks, full of glossy pages from magazines,  catalogs, and the like. I’ve literally been doing this since high school, as evidenced by the pages ripped from Seventeen Magazine in my very first notebook.)

Anyway, she had a leopard staircase that I thought was so phenomenal, it just stuck with me. Ooh! And I just found a link to the spread. Here you go! The inspiration for this living room!

I wonder if Bear would want to take a walk on the wild side…. Literally.

Bright and Eclectic

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