Confession: I’ve been obsessed with bug jewelry since Aladdin. (Remember the gold scarab pieces?) So, I’ve scoured the earth for the perfect scarab ring to no avail, but last night I found something comparable. (Though my search WILL continue. I’ll get my ring, you can take that to the bank.)

Yellow Jacket Earrings


So, I’m at Target, totally minding my business, but I got sucked in (like ya do) and started wandering the jewelry aisles. Everything is so inexpensive there, its always worth a quick browse. I found these yellow jacket earrings for FOUR DOLLARS! I had to have them. So have them, I did!

(You’ll see on the link they were actually $8, but the cashier knocked off half the price because the backs were somehow missing. I happen to keep a stash of earring backs at home, so no problem there!)
Anyway, I’m into funky jewelry. Sort of loud, sort of whimsical, walking the line of old-lady wacky or young-and-fresh. These earrings happen to be just ridiculous enough for me. I like pieces that are juuuuuust this side of wack-a-doo. (Although a bit on the darker side, I have a snake ring that weaves across my entire hand that I love!) I digress…
So, here are my picks for my renewed obsession with insect jewelry. My favorite? It’s GOT to be this honeycomb bracelet. I MUST have this. Anyone feeling generous?
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