Quick Italian Chicken Rolls

Last night, I didn’t plan anything for dinner, so I threw something together and it ALMOST paid off. (Read: I overcooked the chicken.) So here it is:

The Stuff:

  • 4 chicken breasts, pounded very flat
  • fresh basil (I used the kind that comes in a tube, found in the produce section)
  • EVOO
  • spaghetti sauce (any ol’ tomato sauce will do.)
  • fresh mozzarella
  • pasta side of choice (I had a pre-packaged Steam Fresh pasta side with veggies and used that because we were pressed for time.)


The Process:

  • Pre-heat the oven to 350. As it warms, you know the drill, pound out the chicken. After its flattened, place the chicken breasts on a non-greased baking sheet. Roll about 2 tablespoons of fresh mozzarella inside each breast and make sure they are pressed seam side-up. 
  • If you are using fresh basil leaves, rather than the squeeze bottle like I did, throw them in the food processor with your EVOO so they become a thick paste. Put a dollop of the mixture, or a squirt from the bottle, on the seam of each chicken. Spread with a spoon. (It’s going to act as a glue to keep your roll together as it bakes.)

Italian Chicken Rolls

  • Top each chicken roll with spaghetti sauce. Use as much as you want. I found that each roll was covered to my liking after 2 spoon-fulls. Then top with your choice of shredded cheese. (I used an Italian blend.)

Italian Chicken Rolls

  • Bake in the over, uncovered for about 30-40 minutes. (Note: You’ll want to check it occasionally based on the thickness of your chicken and also because the cheese will ooze out a bit and burn to the baking dish. Big Womp, I know.)
  • As the chicken was finishing up, I popped the pasta in the microwave, per package instructions.


Overall, the flavor of the chicken was really great BUT I overcooked it, so it was a little dry. Bear said it was still good, but to me, they were dry. So, make sure that you keep an eye on your oven to make sure you’re not overdoing it.


NOTE: This was not my favorite meal, although the flavors were there, but I thought I would share for two reasons.:

1. I wish this weren’t true, but not every meal is a great one and I wanted to be authentic and let everyone know that.

2. Maybe someone will try it, improve upon it, and offer a tip for next time. (As always, let me know if you do!)

Italian Chicken Rolls and Pasta

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