Junior Service League Golf Tournament: Golf Gives Back!

So… The service league I am a new member of this year (I know, I know! It’s terribly suburban of me to join a service league.) is hosting their annual golf tournament to benefit a local charity, Never Alone. It’s a great organization that provides clothes and food to the needy. I feel truly lucky to have gotten to participate in it! (Everyone else should count themselves lucky as well since I won’t be golfing during the event. You’re welcome.) Save a few lessons as a child, the only thing I like to swing are my hips on the dance floor.  That being said, I will be working the event in the evening and wanted to do a little post for the ever-so-preppy golf mavens out there. Like Happy Gilmore, I share the general mentality that golfers typically look ridiculous in their clothes. These are my picks to keep yourself from “kickin’ your own ass,” as he so eloquently put it.

Firstly, long shorts don’t look good on everyone, namely, me. If you have any sort of booty, they just amplify it, so I’m a big fan of these golf skirts. And you know I love my shoes, so I picked some favorites as well. The rest, as you can see, are mostly accessories that I thought were pretty snazzy… Well, as snazzy as you can get on the links, excluding parties with Tiger Woods, which I imagine are pretty intense.

Anyway, I’ll have more pictures and things to post after the tourney tomorrow! I’m very excited to be a part of this great cause and this stellar group of women. It’s been truly inspiring to watch these ladies come together to help others and I’ve really made some great friends. Hooray for service! A friend of mine recently said that she continues to be amazed by people who give her a chance, or help her out throughout life, and that she had never really done anything for anyone. I’m sure she didn’t mean it to sound as bad as it probably does, but I think we should all try to give back every now and then!  So, do it! Find a group to join, volunteer at a shelter, put on a fundraiser of your own, or donate some time and/or money and you’ll see. It truly feels great!

Junior Service League Golf Tournament

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